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Cosmic Etheric Vision and Septenary Clairvoyance

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Cosmic Etheric Vision and Septenary Clairvoyance
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Attributes - cosmic vision, deva hearing and psychic correlation.
Source - Betelgeuse, via the sign Sagittarius.
Hierarchy - the fifth.
Method - prismatic identification
Symbol a colored Cross, with a star at the center, and backed by a blazing sun, surmounted by a Sensa Word.
Quality - cosmic etheric vision or septenary clairvoyance. TCF 1258.

It might be of value here if we temporarily stopped our consideration of the egoic groups and briefly tabulated the evolutions, remembering that in this tabulation, the planes of differentiation alone are concerned; on the plane of the unmanifest or of the subjective, only unity is known. It must again be remembered that the term "unmanifest" is one of relative importance only, and concerns man's apprehension of all that is. To the solar Logos the planes of the unmanifest are objective. Man has not as yet achieved etheric vision, and the etheric subplanes are to him as yet unmanifest. The solar Logos has cosmic etheric vision fully developed, and because He is on the cosmic Path all is known and fully revealed to Him within the solar System. TCF 845. oo

JC: Brothers, this paper considers the faculty of cosmic etheric vision in its sevenfold division and enumeration. DK teaches that our fourth order solar logos has cosmic etheric vision fully developed and knows all there is to know within our fourth order solar system. It is septenary vision or knowledge of the sevenfold solar system which is the goal of all on path III of training for planetary logi. The training of the Initiate is to develop subplane etheric vision and knowledge. This vision will someday be acquired by man.

3. The Path of Training for Planetary Logoi

It is obviously impossible to say much about this Path. Those Masters Who tread it find Their way to the various schools for the training of planetary Logoi which are found within certain of the major planetary schemes, as stated in Initiation, Human and Solar. They are necessarily few in number, and a small group of Them remains to study in our particular planetary enterprise under Sanat Kumara. This They do after making Their decision and passing through the door on the periphery of our planetary ring-pass-not. Then - out of incarnation and working through the medium of the higher telepathy - They receive instruction of a nature incomprehensible to us, from the Members of the Council Chamber at Shamballa, and primarily from two of the Buddhas of Activity. Having learnt the technique and having passed certain tests, They move into the planetary life of Venus, our Earth's Alter-Ego, and there They complete Their training, as far as our solar system can give it, finding Their way eventually on to the cosmic mental plane.

JC: We have reference to the medium of higher telepathy or septenary cosmic etheric vision or cosmic clairvoyance. We can have some understanding in correspondence yet it remains incomprehensible to us, in reality. The degree or extent of this vision is not confined to our constellation only, but extends to the seven solar systems of the OAWNMBS. Therefore a solar logos will have relative knowledge within the sevenfold planes of the seven solar systems and relative vision of the septenary constitution of body the great. The curriculum involves negation or sleep to the worlds of outer form and cosmic/solar manifestation, with the consciousness being turned inward towards the unmanifest inner planes of cosmic awareness. This state of being is termed the "lotus sleep" as it involves the building of the logoic Lotuses of the solar Logoi and of COSMIC PSYCHIC UNFOLDMENT.

Two things should be borne in mind in connection with this abstruse subject:

First: These Masters work primarily with the "psyche" [406] or the soul aspect within the solar system. They are occupied with the subtler expressions of consciousness, with occult impressibility and that acute sensitivity which produces instant and accurate registration of all soul reactions within any particular planetary life. These kingdoms are not necessarily identical with those found on the Earth, but they are, in all cases, vast groups of living forms which are manifestations or expressions of the nature of any particular planetary Logos. The Masters taking this training are not occupied with individual states of consciousness within any group. It is the consciousness of the whole, and its responsiveness to cosmic impacts, that engages Their attention. They are not (if I might so express it) interested in any individual unit of any kind or in its individual reactions, responsiveness or susceptibility to impression. They are only concerned with those higher processes of identification which indicate an advanced state of evolutionary development. Their work is to further progressive development of identification. They begin with the identification of the Monad within our planetary sphere with the Purpose and the Will of the Lord of the World, and proceed - as Their training produces the desired capabilities - with greater identifications within the solar system. Beyond that we need not proceed.

JC: The Masters undergoing this intensive training work with the "psych" of soul life, of all souls within a planetary life body. Let us imagine the psych, such as Sanat Kumara who holds all knowledge of the planetary constitution and body of individual souls within his own group soul or consciousness, "not a sparrow falls" without the registering of this within the psych of sanat kumara. He who we call the King has all knowledge and he only, knows the truth of our planetary development and purpose due to his great sacrifice and eternal watch.

Their whole training is concerned with the planetary, systemic and cosmic building of the antahkarana, for it is via the antahkarana that spirit works, that life processes are controlled, and the will of all developing aspects of Deity function. Forget not that 'relating our planet to the planet Venus is a planetary antahkarana, passing from thence to the Heart of the Sun and later to the cosmic mental plane. There are "rainbow bridges" carrying the sevenfold energies of the seven rays from planet to planet, from system to system, and from plane to plane on cosmic levels. It is over these bridges that the will of the related spiritual Identities is projected, producing that synthesis of effort which is distinctive of the cooperative systemic life. The work of the Masters in training from our planet is, among other [407] things, to unfold within Themselves not only sensitivity to systemic purpose, but the ability to transmit that Purpose to the Council Chamber at Shamballa. They have - in an extra-planetary sense - a definite correspondence with and relation to the group of Nirmanakayas within our planet Who work in contemplative activity with the antahkarana which connects the Hierarchy with Shamballa and Humanity with the Hierarchy.

JC: The training is concerned with the building of the planetary, systemic and cosmic antahkarana's. The rainbow bridges are the medium by which the seven rays enter our planetary life and condition the life quality of man and the disciple. This extends to the ordered governing of the cosmic etheric planes and mastering of cosmic etheric clairvoyance or septenary vision.

Second: These Masters are the directing builders and Creators eventually of all forms of planetary life - forms embodying qualities and intentions as yet undreamed of by us. They have developed in Themselves a perfected synthesis of the two energies of atma-buddhi, or of spiritual will and spiritual love, completely unified and energetically active in a comprehensive condition seldom attained by any other group of Masters in training.

It must be realized that the Buddhas of Activity, of Whom there are only three on our planet, are similarly active. They are active love-wisdom or a complete synthesis of active intelligence, active love and active will. The Masters on this third Path will, therefore, some day complete Their training for planetary Logoi by attaining the status of Buddhas of Activity, and will for a period serve in that capacity in some planetary scheme, before taking the control and guidance of Their Own body of manifestation.

JC: The training of the Masters involves the handling of the sevenfold energy of the cosmic rays of love. Humanity receives higher inspiration and aspect of the rays as knowledge, wisdom and meditative inspiration recorded as the creative force of Dzyan. Wisdom is represented in the many esoteric schools of Dan, Dzan or Chan. These schools will ultimately be accorded to each of the seven rays and will anchor specific ray energy for distribution, use and occult investigative exploration of the WAY of AUM, which was known in the previous race as the TAO. The Masters learn to handle this divine circulatory flow of seven fold energy which is stepped down for the correct building of all forms in accordance with the plan of Sanat Kumara and his plan. This is the reflection of the seven etheric head centres of OABWNMBS as the seven rays are distributed via the twelve constellations or outer zodiac. The hidden seven become the manifest twelve in time and space thus is the creation of form and the building of the divine plan of body the great accomplished.

The number of Masters deciding on this Path is, as I said, not large; the training is peculiarly arduous and is followed, when opportunity is offered to function as a planetary Logos, by an act of sacrifice which confines Them indefinitely to the limitations of the ring-pass-not of Their body of manifestation, a planet. It is for this reason that Sanat Kumara has ever been called "The Great Sacrifice." RI 409.

3. The Path of Training for Planetary Logoi

This Path is trodden by those who will take up the work of the seven Planetary Logoi of the next system, and of the forty-nine subplanetary Logoi, their assistants, and of certain other Entities working in that particular department. There will be seven systems, though we are only concerned with the three major systems, of which our present system is the second major system. Each Chohan of a ray takes a certain number of initiates of the sixth initiation and trains them specially for this work; special aptitude in color and sound predisposes the choice, and the ability to work with "psyche," or the spirits in evolution marks a man out for this high post. We might say that the Planetary Logoi are the divine psychologists, and therefore in the training for this post psychology is the basic subject, though it is a psychology inconceivable as yet to us. Every Planetary Logos has, in his own special planet, schools for the development of subordinate Logoi, and there trains them for this high office, giving them opportunity for wide experience. Even the Logoi themselves progress onward, and their places must be taken. IHS 188.

JC: Path III is pursued by those who will become planetary logi in the "next" solar system. DK informs us the next system will be a seven fold system. Amazingly but quite logically, he tells us that our system will be one of the major systems! This is a stupendous revelation and tells us that the plan is for our solar logos to be a second order system such as Betelgeuse now is and still be on the heart line of 2.4.6. The training is for "post psychology" or in other words Identification, and of special aptitude in colour and sound, which we might apprehend to mean the development of septenary vision and etheric clairvoyance of the inner cosmic etheric planes and true PSYCHIC UNFOLDMENT. We will recall that the training of the fourth degree initiate allows the Initiate to become adept in colour and sound. This is the preliminary training and vision preparatory to the treading any given path of the holy seven and is the basic subject of this third path and denotes the comprehension of "deva hearing and psychic correlation" the method of which is "prismatic identification" or apprehension and knowledge of the septenary constitution of cosmic plane identification or synthetic understanding and registration. This path develops a specific faculty esoterically understood called identification which we will briefly address. However we must remember that we are not dealing even with the identification of the exalted monadic consciousness per say but a mores specific training and identification of the cosmic etheric planes. This we will now consider recalling that we need to apply our understanding to a more specific kind if identification named "prismatic identification" as we approach a consideration of path III.

The way of Monadic identification and development is the Way of higher evolution and it is the higher evolution of the monad which takes place as the source i.e. the consciousness of the heavenly man is achieved and the mind of god has become a directional and attractive pull to the monad. The monad becomes identified with its own source or way, and we might say origin, undergoing further expanses of monadic consciousness, through specific training which in turn will equip for such service as befits the path taken. All seven paths are known as the "seven fold Path of initiate Evolution". "Simultaneous perception and interpretation" is the process of "identification" and is the state of being of "monadic consciousness".

We are made aware of the stages of development through "appreciated and comprehended revelation" which are revealed through Identification. "Identification" esoterically understood, is the "alignment" of wisdom built on knowledge, and understanding, based on "intuitive perception". It is their unique alignment as perceived by the Monad with a "sense of synthesis" or synthetic perception of these. It is the occult synthetic understanding of "simultaneous perception and interpretation" with the emphasis being on the simultaneous. Of this we may be sure that, "man knows nothing". Identification is a holistic awareness of the ONE and not dualistic or separative understanding in the linear and thus within the limitation of form either of the soul or of the lower vehicles of "substance in its form-making capacity". This may usefully be applied to our understanding of sevenfold prismatic identification. The Tibetan Master indicates that monadic "identification" at a certain stage is something that "transcends consciousness" completely and is a "Cosmic process" and is "sevenfold" by nature. The Tibetan offers us a superb definition of "monadic consciousness". It is a "state of apprehension" which is neither consciousness, realisation or identification, but are these "three" spontaneously registered in the eternal now.

Monadic consciousness = Consciousness + Realisation of the Mystic + Identification of the Occultist, synthetically apprehended = Higher Evolution. JC.

Higher evolution...monadic consciousness. RI 117.

The first step towards achieving monadic consciousness, and thus the first step towards the Way of the Higher Evolution. RI 251.

Attributes - cosmic vision, deva hearing and psychic correlation.
Source - Betelgeuse, via the sign Sagittarius.
Hierarchy - the fifth.
Method - prismatic identification
Symbol a colored Cross, with a star at the center, and backed by a blazing sun, surmounted by a Sensa Word.
Quality - cosmic etheric vision or septenary clairvoyance. TCF 1258.

JC: We might note that a "cross in the head separates the ajna center from the head centre" and this is because the symbol of the cosmic ajna chakra is ever the "coloured cross" of prismatic identification, the way of septenary inner sight and hearing. The seven fold coloured cross represents the seven head centres and the knowledge of septenary cosmic etheric vision, for both cosmic etheric vision and septenary clairvoyance are synonymous terms. In our study of the higher way of evolution and monadic consciousness and identification we were informed that, quite understandably, this is a cosmic process with attributes of "cosmic vision" and the building of the cosmic antahkarana of seven fold light. We will necessarily be aware that we are dealing with the vision of the monad and therefore of the way of higher evolution on the cosmic paths. Betelgeuse is a solar system of the second order and is one of the major systems and one of the seven. This system corresponds to the "cosmic ajna centre" or cosmic third eye. At the centre of the cross is the four pointed star of integration. DK states "Quality - cosmic etheric vision or septenary clairvoyance." Betelgeuse stimulates the "heart center (Betelgeuse)" of the disciples of NGWS with humanity and aspirants representing the planetary ajna centre and the ajna centre of the Lord of the World, which corresponds with the cosmic Monadic plane. We have:


Cosmic Ajna-chakra or the Third Eye receiving synthetic centre. Ninety-six vibrations of the two petals of the COSMIC Ajna center. 48 aspects of vibrational force x1 petal. 4+8= 12 of the manifested zodiac or the work of cosmic at-one-ing of the soul and the body or higher aspects to the zodiac of form. "Let the Mother know the Father" through the "inner group of seven" the seven solar systems as they operate via the twelve constellations. The forty-eight petals of the five lower centres are so symbolised and synthesised. The second differentiated petal or centre of vibrational force brings a sparking between the higher positive over-shadowing energy as it is centralized within the form of the thousand-petalled lotus head centre of the OAWNMBS. It is his vehicle of directing mind. The aim is that "the two vibrate in unison". Thus on this the third path does the process of cosmic visualisation and capacity to act as an organ of septenary clairvoyance, truly function.



(From Archaic Formulas. No. 49)

PATH III. Training for Planetary Logoi.

The eye of Shiva opens wide and those within its range of vision awaken to another form of sleep. They sleep, but yet they see and hear; their eyes are closed, yet naught that passes in the greater cosmic Seven is missed by them. They see, and yet they vision not; they hear and yet their ears are deaf.

JC: The ajna centre of OAWNMBS opens wide and all within its range, i.e. solar logi, planetary logi and Chohans in training, awaken from outer sleep and vision, then rise to inner vision and are but asleep to all outer form. With eyes closed, they cast the eye of shiva upon the inner world of the cosmic seven, the Septenate of solar systems reveal their inner mysteries and nought is missed. Sight is theirs and mystic vision gone has done its work and clarity of sight and sound is theirs. Sound is heard but ears are deaf to the outer world of illusion and distraction.

"No vision can grasp Him, but His grasp is over all vision: He is above all comprehension, yet is acquainted with all things.  (The Noble Quran, 6:103)"

Three times the eye of Shiva closes and three times it opens wide. Thus three great groups of Lotus Lords are impelled upon Their way.

One group is called the "Lotus Lords of deep unseeing sleep." They dream, and as Their dreams take form, the worlds speed on. The great and cruel maya of the planes of sweet illusion comes into being, draws into its snare the points of unconnected light, and dims their lustre.

JC: Deva hearing and psychic correlation: Relationship in which two or more things are mutual or complementary, or one thing is caused and related by another.

The lotus lords in sleep so deep draw upon the twelve fold lights and call on the sevenfold prismatic force upon the outer wheel. Plane by plane decent is made and into sweet illusion does cosmic light turn twilight as dreams are made. The world is born in meditation deep upon the waves a living symphony is played. Music and colour break upon the shore whilst the King persists upon his throne and holds within his holy palms the clearest notes and tones and shades.

Thus is the work pursued...

The eye through which these Lotus Lords contact the planes of cosmic vision is inward turned. They see not that which is upon the outer rim.

JC: Through lengthy training pursued have the lotus lords achieved a state if inner poise. To the outer zodiacal rim they are blind, having eyes only to see, and ears to hear, the septenates of cosmic sight and sound. Prismatic knowledge being theirs is identification made twixt deva hearing and psychic relativity.

The second group has for its name "the Lords of the Inner Lotus." These are They who sleep, yet not so deep. They wake enough to guard Themselves from straying o'er the secret ring-pass-not which rims the great Illusion. They straitly stand, and, through Their very steadfastness, the forms are held together.

JC: The second slumber not so deep, alert they are to guard as Masters of the secret ring. Creators they of all form which some day may express undreamed perfection. Atma-Buddhi they in synthesis and in patience wait to one day serve a manifested world.

The eye through which these Lotus Lords look out upon the great Illusion is upward turned. They see but that which lieth just above Them; they onward look to that vast mountain top which pierceth through the circumscribing wheel. This mountain top shineth with radiant light, reflected from the face of Him Whom the Lords of worlds within our solar sphere have never seen.

JC: The eye of Shiva is turned towards the vast mountain top but sees not the great illusion of the outer zodiacal wheel of form. Exalted light blinds e'en the shining faces of the seven solar Lords and Lords of worlds. Unseen is the face of the exalted ONE o body the great of the Central Spiritual Sun.

* * *

The third group is the strange mysterious triple group whose name must not be heard as yet within those planetary spheres whose color blends not with the blue in just proportion.

The eye through which these Lotus Lords gaze out upon the cosmic Path is outward turned. Its hue is indigo. The eye through which the middle group of Lotus Lords look up is turquoise blue, whilst the Lords of deep unmoving slumber gaze in through sapphire blue. Thus is the WAY of triple blue formed into one.

This latter aspect of the eye of Shiva directs the other two, and gathers all its energy from a far distant cosmic sphere. The two respond, and in the treading of the Cosmic WAY weave triple force into that path which meets the need of those who later seek to tread it.

They see; They hear; They dream, and dreaming build; Their eyes are blind; Their ears are deaf, and yet They are not dumb. They sound the several cosmic Words, and weave the seven with the twelve and multiply the five.

JC: The cosmic words are sounded out in order that Spirit produces "psychic awareness". Sound alone weaves the seven and the five to produce the twelve zodiacal lights of influence. The 1 creates the 0 or circle which denotes the ten or sacred master decad. All activity emerges from the "10", the "three" hidden becomes the "seven" manifest via the great ray logis or breaths.

The esoteric three or three unmanifest ray lords issuing from the CSS are identified as the manifest three working through "three major energies (Great Bear, Sirius and the Pleiades) in a mysterious manner express themselves through the seven rays" prior to distribution and focus through the twelve constellations. 3+7=10. The 10 inner becomes the outer 12. The Zodiac of ten becomes the zodiac of twelve. DK states, "our solar system is a tiny reflection or replica of the 1, the 3, the 7, the 12."

* * *

Thus are the planets built; thus guided, ruled and known. TCF 1274.

Jeremy Condick.





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